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Recycling Services

Recycling Services

Doğan Plastik ve Geri Dönüşüm is one of the few companies in Turkey which provides services within the scope of the regulations of the Ministry of Environment. It carries out activities in the collection and separation of packaging wastes and production scraps in a way that will not harm the environment. Our company, which has more than 20 years of experience, is also one of the companies with the largest production volume in Turkey. We are proud to provide benefits to our country both in terms of employment and added value thanks to the transactions and projects we carry out. We Contribute to Our Country with Recycling = Geri Dönüşüm ile Ülkemize Katkı Sağlıyoruz We set out with the slogan "Both the country and the environment". We use the most suitable equipment and machinery to make plastic waste functional again. We provide full-fledged service at the plastic recycling point with our expert teammates. We are constantly improving ourselves, we continue to work by blending our experience with technology. It has been determined by statistics that 1.100.000 TL of waste that can directly contribute to the economy in our country is not separated and it is thrown away, buried or burned due to lack of awareness about recycling. Only 40% of the waste in our country is recycled with different methods and is made to contribute to the country's economy. As packaging waste (such as gelatin, opp, pe, ldpe, hdpe etc.), we contribute to our country economically and environmentally by recycling 1500 tons of waste materials on an annual basis. Within the scope of recycling services, wastes are separated from the garbage where they are generated and collected in appropriate areas. Care is taken to ensure that packaging waste is collected separately. Thanks to this service, energy savings are provided and nature is protected. At the same time, natural resources are protected and used efficiently.

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